Who we are

PHFI-UK Consortium is a collaboration between PHFI and UK Institutions to strengthen research capacity for public health in India

Partners-  NH Organisation and  Governance

The PHFI-UK Consortium is co-ordinated by a Secretariat based at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) and a Secretariat based in PHFI, Dehli. (link to details below)

INDIA Phase 1

Lalit Dandona

Anurag Gautam

INDIA Phase 2

Dr. Prabhakaran Dorairaj

Geetha Nambiar

Phase I  (2008-2017)

The organisation structure for Phase I activities is through four committees (figure 1): The Executive Committee, the Teaching and Training Committee; the Research Committee; and the Monitoring and Evaluation Committee. The Executive Committee, comprising the Chair and Co-Chairs of each of the other three committees, develops strategy for the WT Programme and reviews progress. It is also responsible for coordinating meetings and arranging faculty visits between India and the UK. The Teaching and Training committee is responsible for the Masters, PhD and Short Courses programmes; the Research Committee for research Fellowships and Research Grants; and the Monitoring and Evaluation Committee for developing guidelines and data collection procedures for monitoring and external evaluation of the programme.


For more information on Phase I activities and organisation please visit :


Extension Phase (2013-2015)

There are three committees.  An External Advisory Committee acts in an advisory capacity to the Executive Committee and ensures that activities of the consortium are carried out in accordance with the award conditions and that they are fair and equitable. The Fellowship committee oversees the selection and progress of post-doctoral fellowship applicants and awardees.


The PHFI-UK Consortium was initially funded a £5M grant from the Wellcome Trust. We have recently received a 4 year no cost extension to 2017 with a 2 year costed Extension to run in parallel.